Asia Bizz: SkyFire Flash iPhone Available In AppStore After Having Server Problems

The SkyFire flash Apple iPhone is said to be available in the AppStore once again, after facing strong problems with the browser’s server. The flash video enabled browser was unable to play flash videos on the iPhone, but rather it had to be converted into an iPhone format to be viewed. The reason this is happening is that SkyFire, servers had got overloaded and they finally decided to plug out from the AppStore.

SkyFire recently has solved this problem by completely upgrading their network system and infrastructure, so that they do not incur such problems in the near future. As per the officials the SkyFire Browser is back in the AppStore, and has promised the users wont be facing such problems again.

As the format was not playing flash videos on the phone, it had to be converted into a compatible iPhone format by which it was being viewed. This whole process was making the users face severe problems while watching videos as it was tending to be very time consuming. For now this problem has been officially solved and that the application is available on the AppStore for the $2.99.


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