Asia Bizz: Qantas Airlines Grounded A380 Fleet May Resume Flights Once Again

Australia’s Qantas Airlines’s grounded A380 fleets may resume flights once again, within a few days. The Airlines had grounded the A380 fleet because of the emergency landing that had taken place in Singapore as one of the engines of the plane had completely failed during flight in mid-air. After ordering a thorough inspection of the A380’s, Qantas has decided to send these giant planes up into the sky once again in the coming few days.

Amidst the 90th anniversary of the airlines this month, the emergency landing incident has brought huge question mark on the airlines itself. As it has been known,that the A380 is the world’s largest passenger airplane, and it has been built with the latest technology and safety features, but the incident in Singapore has brought everyone’s thoughts to a stand still.

The emergency landing and the engine failure is the biggest accident that has taken place in the A380’s history, and indeed this has also brought in speculations whether this plane is safe to travel or not. For now the officials at Qantas Airlines have confirmed that the planes will be resuming flights with a few days.


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