Asia Bizz: Space Shuttle Discovery Launch Delayed After Finding Fuel Leak

NASA has delayed the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery, after they found a fuel leak at the launch site. The officials have discovered that hydrogen fuel was leaking from the pipe or vent that supplies fuel to the shuttle’s tank. It was a potentially dangerous situation as hydrogen is a highly inflammable substance, and if there weren’t a delay then there could have been a major tragedy.

The NASA engineers are working to fix this problem, but this a very complicated issue, which may take hours and even days to solve. Pondering into the matter, NASA has scheduled the launch date to the 30th of November 2010. One of the main reasons they have pushed the date so far is that, they do not want any sort of problems to rise as soon as the issue is fixed.

The Discovery Space Shuttle is on its 39th and last flight into space, and during this mission it will be carrying a humanoid and a new space capsule to the International Space Station. The humanoid will be used by the space crew as a helping hand and the new capsule will serve as an extra storage facility at the space station.


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