Asia Bizz: Apple Gives Official Advice On iPhone Alarm Bug

Apple Inc. has offered all it’s iPhone users an advice over the phone’s alarm bug problem. The company has told the users that the alarm sets off one hour late as the country as switched off from daylight savings time. It has also been previously noticed that the alarm clocks have been triggered before and after one hour, when the daylight savings time has been activated or deactivated.

After investigations, it is known that the problem occurs only after the daylight savings time in the country that has been switched. To resolve this annoying behavior, the users are requested to switch the alarm system to ‘Never’, and reset the alarm accordingly everyday as per one’s own need.

The same problem has been suffered by people in Europe, as they are waking up almost an hour late, and reaching late for work and their daily jobs. People are recommended from now on to personally set the alarm to avoid this on going problem.


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