Asia Bizz: Space Shuttle Discovery Launch Cancelled Till November End

The Space Shuttle Discovery launch has now been officially cancelled because of the fuel leak found in the pipe which connects the hydrogen tank. The authorities have said that the launch has been cancelled till end of November. The leak was found on the ground umbilical carrier plate (GUCP), on the 39A launch pad.

As hydrogen is a highly inflammable substance, the shuttle needed immidiate repairs, or it could have been very dangerous. The Shuttle Discovery is on its last trip into space and this was a very crucial moment for NASA and the mission crew. The launch was delayed several times because of the bad weather and some other issues, but this time they have cancelled it for good.

Discovery will be carrying a new module that will attached to the International Space Station, as it will provide an extra storage facility for the space crew on the space station. It is also carrying the NASA Humanoid Robonaut, which will be helping the crew on the space station in their daily work.