Asia Bizz: China Requests Japan Not To Attend The Nobel Prize Peace Award

China has formally requested Japan, that it should not attend the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony which will be honoring the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. The Japanese Foreign Minister has stated that this will indeed strain the ties of the between the two countries, especially after the territorial dispute. Beijing on the other hand has said that, whosoever shall support the jailed Nobel winner, will be seeing himself in front of the Chinese legal system.

More reports on this matter state that the Chinese Democrats have sent letters to Oslo which is discouraging the people who are scheduled to attend the December 10th Ceremony. Such behavior from the Chinese side is provoking a lot of people and many governments around the world.

Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara stated “It is true that there were requests through diplomatic routes in Tokyo and Norway that no one related to the Japanese government attend the Nobel Peace Prize Award ceremony” Such moves by China are really discouraging and it will certainly be changing the view of the people towards the Chinese government and its law.


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