Asia Bizz: NASA Engineers Start Space Shuttle Discovery Repairs In A Move To Solve The Leak Issue

NASA engineers have started to work on the Space Shuttle Discovery, in a move to solve the issue of fuel leak during the launch operation. The engineers had an official meeting with each other, and discussed the ways to inspect and solve this issue. The ground umbilical carrier plate (GUCP) of the Space Shuttle needs immediate repairs, which was one of the main reasons the launch has been delayed.

There was a crack found in the external fuel tank foam insulation, due to which there was considerable fuel leak, and this halted the launch of the Shuttle. Hydrogen gas started to leak from the GUCP, as a result of which there could have been a major accident on the launch pad itself.

It has been reported that the launch date has been pushed to the 30th of November 2010, almost a whole month ahead of the scheduled launch date. The Space Shuttle Discovery is on its way with the last mission into space, after which it is said that it will retire from NASA completely.


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