Asia Bizz: Tata To Recall It’s Nano Car, To Install A Fire Safety Equipment

Tata will recall the world’s cheapest car, the Nano, as the company would installing a fire safety equipment in the vehicle, so that the car would avoid catching fire. Tata Motors Managing Director P.M. Telang, has stated “Yes, customers have been informed. Some have been already recalled.”

There are more than 70000 Tata Nano’s on the road today, and the company hopes to recall these vehicle very soon, so that this equipment prevents the vehicle from catching fire. As per the reports, the company has not decided how many cars will be recalled, this decision is still pending.

The Managing Director of Tata, has stated that the company has officially decided that they will be installing a safety measure equipment in the vehicle, as there have been many reports coming in that the car has been catching fire. Tata will install a fuse in the car so that the car fails to short circuit and any sort of electrical fire would be avoided.


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