Asia Bizz: Hu Jintao, President Of China Says David Cameron And His Cabinet Is Very Young

Chinese President Hu Jintao has made a very strong statement to David Cameron, saying that he and his cabinet are very young, just ahead of the G20 meeting in Seoul. This statement came after Cameron spoke on Liu Xiaobo’s imprisonment and his works that awarded him the Nobel Peace Award. He also said that his views upon China’s change in political regime is a must.

Upon hearing this, Mr. Hu Jintao stated that “You are the youngest prime minister Britain has had in the last 200 years and most of your Cabinet members are very young. They are full of drive and energy.” The statement was directed to PM Cameron, when he was trying to make them understand the views of modern humanity.

According to Jintao, he said that, China has tradition of respecting their elders in their country, and Mr. Xiaobo’s view were in regular conflict against the government and the people. He was speaking to an audience of students and told them that, it was very good that UK is quite open to the views of China, as both nations have ancient heritage, but sadly have different views.


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