Asia Bizz: Skyfire And Flash Applications Makes A Touch Down On The Apple iPhone And iPad

Skyfire and the Flash Applications have made a major touch down on the Apple iPhone and the iPad, as these applications are officially available for these devices. At around $2.99, the Skyfire is available for your iPhone, and will provide the user an awesome experience when it comes to watching videos.

Skyfire is built especially for the iOS, and it converts the flash video’s, to an iOS compatible format. It will convert all flash videos into the latest HTML5 format, which is widely used on the iOS. Prior to this, flash video viewing on the iPhone was a very tidious job and sometimes almost impossible.

This application made a strong response as went on sale, and within 5 hours of the launch, Skyfire was good on the sales chart. In short it is a decent and simple video browser that converts videos to HTML5 compatible to the iPhone, which has helped Apple a lot to get videos simplified on its OS.