Asia Bizz: Kik Messenger Application Has More Than 1.5 Million Users Around The World

The Kik Messenger application has more than 1.5 million users around the world and as a matter of fact this number is increasing by the day. This iPhone application has become very popular around the world, as there are more than a million users in a span of just 18 days. This new messenger can now be used on different platforms available on smartphones.

It is a real time text messaging application that allows the users to chat through their smartphone. It is completely different from text messaging service, as it send messages and receives them in an instant. It is said that this application has become very popular and users are downloading it as quickly as they can.

This application is freely available on the web, and will feature a new phase in text messaging, bring it closer to the chat technology which is widely used on computers. It is similar to that and uses the same sort of technology and thats why it is called a real time text messaging application.


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