Asia Bizz: Good News For Google, As Android Becomes Second Most Popular Operating System

There is some really good news for Google, as the Android operating system has become the second most popular operating system in the world. As of now this OS has captured 25% share in the mobile market around the the world. And why not the features on this system is today considered to be one of the best to be available.

Exactly a year ago, the Android system had only 3% space in the market share, but today it has gained a massive boost, as most mobile companies around the world are considering this OS for their smartphones. Android has also been said to be an iOS killer, as it has gained more popularity in the market than the iOS.

The updates and upgrades on this system come on a regular basis, and these updates do have some strong additions and changes in them, compared to the previous ones. Symbian which is on top of the list has fallen to 36.6% in the market share from 44.6% last year.


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