Asia Bizz: Robot In Mexico Discovers A 2000 Year Old Tunnel

In an exceptional breakthrough, in Central America, a robot explorer in Mexico has discovered a 2000 year old tunnel under an ancient temple which belongs to the Teotihuacan ruins, and is said to have perfectly arched roofs. This 2000 year old tunnel is almost in perfect shape, and the roof is quite stable for people to pass through even today.

The robot Tlaloque 1, is a remote controlled camera equipped vehicle, which was sent down through a 12 foot wide underground corridor by the archeologists, to check whether the whole area is safe to travel or not. After it reached in, the grainy footage from the robot shows that at the end of the passage, the tunnel was intentionally closed off by bringing down the roof.

Study shows this tunnel under the temple dates back to AD 200 – 250, which is almost 2000 years from today. It is a pinnacle example of ancient technology and yes it must be admired as this tunnel has shown the world that it has withstood for almost two millenniums, on the basis of ancient technology.


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