Asia Bizz: Google Fires Employee Who Spread The Rumor Of Bonus And Company Salary Raise

Google has fired the employee who had spread the rumor on the web, that the company would be providing them a 10% raise in the salary, and also a bonus. As he had made these rumors, many people in the company believed this news, and had hopes that Google would be doing what it had promised. According to Google this employee has directly violated the company norms.

CNN reported, Google dismissed these claims and convinced its employees that nothing as such will be happening with their remuneration. As per the reports, Google has not commented about the leaker and also has not mentioned about him being fired.

According to the statistics, if there would have been a raise in the employees salary, it would be easily costing Google $20 billion and in addition to this, the bonuses would be constituting around $20 million. No one understands why this has taken place but Google says that if there would be any sort of increment in the employees remuneration then it will be personally intimated to them.


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