Asia Bizz: India’s 3G Capable Olive Pad Tablet, May Head Towards Europe Soon

India’s first 3G capable tablet, the Olive Pad, is said to be on its way to Europe very soon, as the company feels that this continent has a strong market for cheap tablet PC’s. The Olive Pad VT-100 was unveiled in India during the month of June and has hit the market in the month of November.

It has been reported that this Indian company is looking to directly export this gadget to the European and Russian markets, as they are really good platforms to place an Indian brand on an international stage. When this tablet was launched in the Indian market, it created strong waves, because of its incredibly low price.

For the moment there is no other tablet PC available in India or anywhere else, that stands against the VT-100 when it comes to price comparison. It comes with almost all the goodies and features that are available on the other tablet PC’s which are currently in the market, but on an extremely low price. The VT-100 is priced between Rs. 20000 and Rs. 25000.


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