Asia Bizz: Apple iOS 4.2 Launch Delayed, Main Issue iPad Wifi

It has been reported that the Apple iOS 4.2 launch has been officially delayed, and it is said the main issue may the Apple iPad Wifi. One of the main features of the iOS 4.2 is the AirPrint, which prints through the Wifi system, but there are some flaws coming up in the wifi itself.

Apple has apologized because of the delay, as it was eagerly awaited, and an upgrade in the Apple devices would have enhanced it by a great deal. It was first decided that this very issue would be solved within a week of the delay, but it now looks that it wont be happening so soon.

Yes it is again the infamous iPad Wifi issue that has plagued the release of the iOS 4.2, and it has been said that this would be on the most advanced operating systems available in the market today. The fault has been said to be that, once the device connects to a wifi region, it stalls the system as one will be unable to anything on their device, not even


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