Asia Bizz: Google Android Gingerbread OS Launch This Week, Fact Or Rumor?

The Google Android Gingerbread operating system will be launched this week, so is this a fact or just another internet rumor. The latest rumors are stating that this new operating system will be debuting on the Google Nexus S phone, which being closely built along with Samsung. There can be some weight here, but still fingers crossed.

For the moment, Google or Samsung has made no official statement about this, and it seems that we do have a rumor here, and that the launch news will turn out to be just another phony prediction. And indeed this is not the first time that we are hearing baseless predictions in the form of rumors, it has happened before this too.

There will be some really strong speculation into this news, and the launch will be really awaited. One point is very concrete, that Google is surely working on something and they will be launching it very soon, so rumor starters cans just stop making predictions to whether when the Android Gingerbread would be making it to the market.


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