Asia Bizz: British Team Manages To Launch Paper Plane Into Space

In a remarkable breakthrough, a team of British scientists have managed to launch a paper plane into space. It was exactly a small paper glider that was tied along with a helium balloon, and it soared almost 90000 feet about sea level, just before the balloon exploded. As the plane was descending down, its camera’s took some extravagant pictures of the earth, something that has never been seen.

The team consisted of Steve Daniels, from Devon, John Oates, of The Register website, and Lester Haines, and according to them this is the first step for the British to rejuvenate the British space race. The plane is called the Vulture 1, and it was retrieved some 20 miles away from its launch location.

There was no rocket science used in building the Vulture 1, instead it was made of straw and paper, but it took them almost a year to perfect it. This indigenous £8,000 project was called PARIS (Paper Aircraft Released Into Space), has finally succeeded in what it was built for, thanks to the dream of these three geniuses.


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