Asia Bizz: Windows Phone 7 Sales Is Impressive In The US

The latest mobile operating system, the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 has made some impressive sales in the US, but the company wants its product to be more prominent in the technology market. Microsoft has placed its product on Radio Shack, so that this could boost the sales of this OS.

As per the technology experts, this move by Microsoft was quite expected, as this will be helping the to company gain strong revenue through consumers who are basically having a tight budget. They also feel that Radio Shack can play an important role in boosting the sales of the Windows Phone 7 in the US market.

This operating system is available on the LG Quantum from AT&T, HTC HD7 from T-Mobile, and the Samsung Focus from AT&T. The company has also stated that this operating system is one of the most advanced OS’s available in the market today, we feel that this operating system is doing quite well and the results would be seen in this quarters financial sheets.


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