Asia Bizz: Google Samsung Nexus S Rumors Getting Stronger By The Day

Best Buy Mobile too has joined the list of leaker’s in context to the Google Samsung Nexus S smartphone whose rumor is getting stronger by the day. The websites are showing so many informations about this rumored gadget, it feels that at one time, this could even be true, but there is no official statement either of the companies.

Yes, there is no official statement in regards to the Google Samsung Nexus S smartphone release, there are only assumptions that are being laid off on the internet. Along with the Nexus rumor, even the launch of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread too has joined in. It seems that almost everything on Google is on the rumor scale, but after the news on Best Buy and Engadget, who have managed to bring out some real and authentic pics of this phone, the story seems to have changed the layout of the whole story.

There are some pics on very few websites that have managed to take a sneak peak on the latest phone Samsung Google Nexus S smartphone. And after evaluating these pics it seems they are real after all, and now there are hopes that this phone may be released on the 14th of November, lets wait and see.


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