Asia Bizz: Cigarette Warning Label To Be Compulsory From 2011

Cigarette Warning Labels will be come compulsory from 2011, according to the latest reports. It is seen that these label are really affective at times, and also lowers the risk of people actually getting addicted to it. The warning signs are going to have better graphics and colors as it shall catch the eyes of the smoker.

A recent survey in US and Canada has shown that warnings with huge fonts and colorful graphics do have a strong impact on the smoker. Another way to bring a halt on smokers, is by depicting grotesque images of mouth diseases, because of which the smoker will be discouraged to use a cigarette.

Studies also show that because of the graphics and images, smokers do have a change in their mind set, but the country will be needing to do it on a large scale. This sort of advertising is must on every cigarette box, so that the number of smokers around the world may be reduced.


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