Asia Bizz: Apple iOS 4.2 Operating System May Be Released Later In The Month Of November

Reports state, that the latest Apple iOS 4.2 may be released later in the month of November, as the launch of this OS has already been delayed because of some technical faults in context with the Apple devices. The release was scheduled on the 7th November, but later it was said the launch was delayed because of the wi-fi issue with the iPad.

Another problem with the iOS has occurred in the European countries, as there is a huge issue regarding the Daylight Savings Time, as almost all the European Apple iOS users are getting mistimed alarms due to it. It is a bug and the company has not come up with any permanent solution in context to this, rather have asked to users to set the time accordingly to their own suitability.

Many have been eagerly awaiting for the launch of the iOS 4.2, as experts state that this operating system will be one of the most advanced OS’s available in the market today. There could be a possibility that the launch may take place at the end of the November, but there is yet any official statement from the company authorities to released.