Asia Bizz: Ping Has Been Officially Added By Apple To Its iTunes Application On The iPad

Apple’s social networking website, Ping, has been officially added to the iTunes Application for the iPad. It is really good news for Apple music lovers as their favorite music social networking site is now available on the iPad. The iPad users will be able to access all the features on the Ping website by only a button on the bottom of the Applications. This has been automatically updated by Apple, and there is no additional download required.

In the iTunes application, Ping will be used in the same way as it has been on all the Apple devices. The news about the Ping on the iTunes, has come just after the iOS 4.2 release, which is due later this month. Ping is an exceptional website itself, and it was launched in August this year, and just within 48 hours of its launch it had more than a million members registered to it.

Another positive side about Ping is that it was started by collaborating with Twitter, and now all the Twitter users too can have their view on Ping. Ping has catered its users very well because of its music storage and wide range of options available on the website.


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