Asia Bizz: CISCO Announces Virtual Devices For Video Conferencing

CISCO has recently unveiled two virtual devices that will boost their video conferencing capability, a step which will be used to build up video collaboration and capabilities in respective companies. These devices will be in the market somewhere in mid 2011, and it is expected to support VMware View 4.5 and Citrix XenDesktop.

Both the new devices will be priced below $500 and will be coming along with a USB keyboard, mouse and a client license. Previously to this, CISCO had announced about the Cius Tablet computer which would be supporting VMware View, Citrix Receiver and Wyse Pocket Cloud virtualization software, and could also integrate a Windows desktop at data center.

This tablet computer by CISCO will be debuting in the month of March 2011. According to CISCO after the launch of these devices, they will have helped a lot in solving many issues in the course of Video conferencing. Barry O’Sullivan the Vice President of CISCO has stated that “Voice and video doesn’t [traditionally] work well if running [over virtualization] in the data center, We believe we’ve solved this with VXI (Virtualization Experience Infrastructure).


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