Asia Bizz: Steve Jobs Speaks About The iOS 4.2 Release

The most controversial iOS ever the iOS 4.2 which is said to be one of the most advanced operating systems in the market, will be spoken by the CEO Steve Jobs himself. Jobs and his company will be available at the Apple event on the 16th November, where they will be speaking about many subjects and the iOS 4.2 is one of them.

It has never been seen, that Apple intimates about its announcement before it does the announcement, but this would be the first time it has done so. People may be thinking what could it be that Jobs would be speaking of on the live webcast on, some feel that he would be speaking of the latest products and launches or he may speak about the issues in the company which includes the AirPlay problem in the iPad and iOS 4.2.

There are no guesses here, if one needs to know what it is going to be, then tune in to and find it yourself. Maybe they will also be speaking about the fate of the iOS 4.2 and other products in the line of Apple.


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