Asia Bizz: Facebook Email Is All About The Next Generation Web Users

The Facebook Email service is here and according to Mark Zuckerberg, this new email service is for the next generation of web users. With the Web 2.0 in the talks, Facebook has taken a step or has prepared itself for the next generation of web technology and users. This is the first email client that provides instant messaging system, SMS, Facebook messages and email, in one service itself.

Its not conventional at all and its a new and variably the best email service that has been launched in the 21st century. According to the experts, Facebook email needs to capture all the next generation of web and internet users or else it will utterly fail.

Mark Zuckerberg’s invention has clearly shown the world that it has stood on a whole new podium, where it has proved the world that there is no one better than them in the Social Networking sector. Emailing is their new product and they would be offering something new to all its users, which also includes mind blowing features. One sentence spoken by Mark Zuckerberg states that he was very clear in terms of developing a new age email service. He said “email is too slow and formal”, and it needs some new blood in it.


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