Asia Bizz: Facebook Email, Death Clock Begins For Rest Of The Email Service Providers

The Facebook Email is now as real as it could be, and could this mean that the death clock for rest of the email service providers has already begun? Facebook took social networking to almost a whole new dimension, and as a result of which its other competitors in the web world were left way behind.

The Facebook Email service will now allow all the Facebook users to communicate with netizens outside the scope of Facebook, which is the most innovative step that Mark Zuckerberg has taken. He says that he does not expect people today or tomorrow to wake up and say that they are going to shut down their gmail or yahoo mail internet account and switch to Facebook Email, but eventually in some years that will happen.

The Facebook Email is also known as the ‘Gmail Killer’, and why not, its feature seem to be more advanced than any other email service available today. One can SMS, Send Messages, Mail, Comment and type Facebook messages through one inbox itself, this is something that is very innovative. With such features available in only one service provider, why wont anyone think of opening a Facebook email account and use it as he wants.


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