Asia Bizz: Google Voice Finally Makes A Touch Down On The Apple iPhone

The Google Voice Application has finally managed to make a touch down over the Apple iPhone, and now after almost 18 months of regardless issues and an FCC investigation, iPhone users can now make free phone calls from the phones, by using this feature. Yes, phone calls are going to be free within America, and there would be massive discount rates if calling a foreign country.

To make things very clear, Apple and Google have nothing to do with each other, nor with AT&T, who thinks that the voice calling system would be hampering their revenue. On the other hand, Apple just did not have any problems with Google, it just wanted the FCC matter to solved, but then thanks to the overcurious AT&T, who felt that they would be losing a lot with this voice calling feature.

Google would connect the user through the Google server to nurture the outgoing calls, and it will not be hampering the AT&T calls in any manner. You can speak to anyone free within America through the Google Voice feature, and then pay Google only if one calls outside America.


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