Asia Bizz: Google Nexus S Smartphone Features A Curved Display

The latest phone showcased at the Nexus S Summit 2.0 by CEO Eric Schmidt, was  the latest Google Nexus S phone. This phone will feature a slightly curved display, which is one of the most unique features to be witnessed in any phone till date. During the summit, he did not mention whether the phone will be making a debut or not, but there are tonnes of rumors on the internet that state it will be launched with the Android 2.3 OS.

Photo Credit: Engadget

Most of the rumors on the web were silenced, when the phone was finally seen at the summit, but that was not just enough. It has been said that the curved feature on the phone is the new ‘curved AMOLED’ display manufactured by Samsung, and truly it does look neat.

Photo Credit: Engadget

The reason the web is speaking about the concave display is that the phone held by the CEO looked quite curved, at least for most of the people. The fact is that, he has neither spoke much about this phone, nor has he stated anything about the launch or whether it really has a curved screen feature.


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