Asia Bizz: General Civil Aviation Authority Signs An Open Sky Air Services Agreement With The Republic Of Panama

The General Civil Aviation Authority UAE has taken a crucial step in its aviation sector, as it has signed an open Sky Air Service Agreement with the Republic of Panama on the 15th November 2010. This agreement has been signed between the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Director General Mohammed Al Suwaidi and Rafael Bárcenas, Director General of Panama Civil Aviation Authority, Panama.

According to the deal, there will be any number of designated flights that can take place between the two parties in these two countries. In short these authorities have a full liberty to perform innumerable designated flights among themselves. The airlines which have been mentioned in the agreement by the UAE delegation are – Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, RAK Airways, Air Arabia and FlyDubai .

The Airlines mentioned from the Panama side are – Compania Panamena de Aviacion S.A. (Copa Airlines), Parsa S.A. (Air Panama), Aerolineas Pacifico Atlantico S.A. (Aeroperlas) and DHL Aeroexpreso S.A.. This agreement allows the airlines to have any number of flights, on any day, without any restriction on the quantity of cargo and capacity, but will belong only to the above named airlines.

The agreement also brings the third and fourth freedom of flights and also practices the fifth and sixth freedom traffic flights, with the option to put any sort of trade restriction in between them. In addition to this the parties have also agreed to allow restricted and non restricted flights between the two countries on a full scale.


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