Asia Bizz: China Refuses Allegations of Net Traffic

In a report presented to the US Congress, China was alleged to hijack 18 minutes of traffic to the Chinese servers in April 2009. However China rejected the accusation in an official statement and the have also refused to comment on any such allegations.

The report which was prepared by the US-China Economic and Security review commission mentioned that the China Telecom sent incorrect routing information. However it is not confirmed if the re-routing was intentional.

The re-routing was picked up by the state owned China Telecom, which was initially began at a small Chinese ISP called IDC China Telecommunication. The US Defence Secretary Robert Gates warned that such cyber attacks can be of great threat in future and thus urged for joint efforts to be taken by the US military and the civilian agencies.

According to evidence given to the Science and Technology committee, a cyber attack capable of damaging the key infrastructure, could be launched by an enemy state.


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