Asia Bizz: OnLive MicroConsole Available At A Low Price Of $99

OnLive will be officially launching the MicroConsole, a gaming device that connects to the internet and streams online gaming on ones palm. On the other hand the company’s cloud service will allow anyone to use this service on his notebook PC too, but the MicroConsole is just unbelievable. OnLive is one of the most popular gaming service on the web today, and now they have provided the users with their very own OnLive console.

As it is priced at only $99, one can purchase this gaming device, sit back, and entertain oneself with HD like online gaming quality. The MicroConsole box has a MicroConsole device, and a custom built game pad for all hardcore gamers, and guess what it is all wireless.

The MicroConsole is the next step into online gaming, and no one on earth would have imagined that there would be a online gaming console which is almost the size of a PSP. December 2nd is the launch date for the extravagant technological gadget, and the company cant wait to see their sales figures.


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