Asia Bizz: Earthlink Web Mail And Internet Now Can Be Accessed Through The iPhone And iPod

Earthlink web mail and internet services can now be easily accessed through the Apple iPhone and the iPod devices. Earthlink is a really great internet provider on the iPhone, by which one can easily access his/her email account through the phone itself. One can also check, send and attach drafts to the mail through Earthlink service.

From now on, the devices will be connected with a mail client which has accessibility to the Apple Mac OS X on the desktop. A simple touch on their Apple device, will easily send and read their emails. This is a new innovation in the world of technology and especially emailing.

Earthlink is an internet service provider based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has stated that it has some 1.94 million customers in the US itself. If a user wants to access the web and internet through his/her iPhone or iPod, then one needs to ask for the settings from their mail client or else do it up manually.