Asia Bizz: MySpace To Soon Accept Facebook Logins

MySpace will now soon accept Facebook social network’s logins, and this is a first move in the history of social networking that there has been capitulation among two similar companies. Mike Jones of MySpace has stated that the website will soon start accepting Facebook logins and from now on MySpace is not a complete social networking site by itself, as it has been surrendered to Facebook.

Last week there were rumours in accordance to MySpace, where it was said that the website will now have a Facebook connect button, which will allows users to have Facebook identities. It was thoroughly discussed at the Web 2.0 meeting at San Francisco, where many leaders came to a conclusion which stated that MySpace did not have any other options left in its court.

A spokes person from the company has said “MySpace are going to install a Facebook Connect button across the site, but no one at the company can admit it publicly yet. They have to. They need the same audience to come to MySpace that now goes to Facebook, if their re-launch to a social entertainment portal is going to have any traction.” One of the board members even stated that, MySpace should now give it up and accept the inevitable, for now Facebook has taken more than half of its users and the website is now left with nothing.


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