Asia Bizz: Steve Wozniak Says Google Android Unimpressive Applications Better On iPhone

The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, seem to be very unimpressed by the Android operating system, and says that applications on the smartphones always look better on the iPhone. But he also stated that Android would be a dominant mobile and device platform, as one could expect the iOS to be, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf stated.

The newspaper states “The operating system of Google seems to win the race. Like Windows dominated the PC world, so is the Android platform for phones that offer the same possibilities as computers”. But after this comment was published, Steve refuses to believe that he ever said that.

Whatever it may be but the growing popularity of the Android operating system seems to be dominating most of the smartphones today. When he was questioned by Engadget, he told the website source, that he was allegedly misunderstood and that every application available today looks better on the iPhone only. He cleverly added that he was not trying to put down the Android system in his comments, but it is indeed not better than the iOS.


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