Asia Bizz: Black Friday 2010, Massive Shopping Mania Among Customers

Black Friday 2010 will be hitting the stores very soon and there will be a huge shopping mania among customers in the US. Now the question is, whats the big rush about Black Friday, it is not a major holiday or a festival, but its a day where the retailers are really looking at earning big bucks in a small period of time by offering customers with great deals and discounts.

Black Friday falls the very next day after Thanksgiving in the US, and the retailers around the country offer great deals to their customer and thus it becomes a huge day for shopping. It comes exactly three weeks before Christmas and there is a huge rush for buying products and clothes various other items in the US market.

Slowly through the years, Black Friday has become the most important day in retail marketing. And this is day even the consumers are looking ahead at, but unfortunately it lasts only for one day. These days even Saturdays is also considered as an important of shopping and giving discounted deals to customers. We wish all the American shoppers ‘Happy Shopping On Black Friday 2010’.