Asia Bizz: JAXA’s Hayabusa Spacecraft Returns To Earth With Asteroid Rocks

JAXA’s spacecraft Hayabusa has successfully landed on earth, and it is carrying some 1500 asteroid rock samples with it. According to the experts, the quantity of rocks collected by the spacecraft may be few but each rock sample will unearth some really astonishing mysteries of space and all such physical bodies that have been traveling through its void.

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), officials have confirmed that the Hayabusa capsule has indeed brought back space rock samples from the asteroid Itokawa. Itokawa is a peanut shaped asteroid, which is 500 meters long and it traveled from 300 million kms away from the earth.

The JAXA officials have clearly said that this is really a big deal for mankind as this is the first time that humans have brought back raw materials from a moving astrological object in space. Once the evaluation of these rock samples begin they will be finding answers to the creation of mankind, the solar system and may be even some parts of the universe.


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