Asia Bizz: The BlackBerry Playbook, iPad’s Fierce Competitor May Go On Sale By March 2011

The BlackBerry Playbook tablet PC is said to be a fierce competitor to the Apple iPad, and rumors state this tablet would be on sale by March 2011. This is the first rumor in connection with the Research In Motion BlackBerry Playbook, and the rumor source states that Vice-President Gregory Wade, has said the tablet may be in the market by the end of the first quarter of the next year.

In his statement he has also added that the launch date of March will be applicable for the US only. Specification for the Playbook show, that it is running on a 1Ghz processor and a mind blowing 1GB RAM. It is going to be launched with the latest QNX Tablet Operating System, which the company has acquired from QNX softwares.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has already hit the market and is predicted to get enormous sales because of its superiority to the iPad, as a result Apple is rumored to be working on the iPad 2, which is due to be launched during sometime in February next year. So with such competition in the market, the Playbook would need to perform really well after its launch.


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