Asia Bizz: Walmart And Best Buy Prepare For A Huge Sale This Black Friday 2010

Walmart and Best buy are looking forward to get a huge sale during Black Friday 2010. It really looks as the sluggish American economy has no affect over the people, as they are gaining to rush the marts and mall all over the US. After asking people’s opinions it seems there will be a huge turn over this year for various retailers across America.

Technological gadgets and other products would be the highlight this year, as it has been said that stores would be giving away cellphones costing below $50 to customers who would buy LCD and LED TV’s. Walmart on the other hand will be opening up from midnight, to allow the Black Friday rush to enter in.

It is going to happen once again and yes it will be witnessed again, that people will be overcrowding the stores and malls to grab products that are being offered on heavy sale and discounts. Best Buy will be launching a pre-Black Friday online sale, so the store is finally going to reach almost every home in the US and also abroad this Black Friday.


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