Asia Bizz: NATO Finalizes To End Combat Role In Afghanistan By 2015

NATO too has agreed that it will end its combat role in Afghanistan by the 2015, a proposal that was kept forward by the US government first. The US troops are present in very large number in Afghanistan, and the government has said that it will start pulling out its combat forces from the region by 2011-14. NATO has said that it will be handing over the region to the Afghanistan security forces if the conditions seem to be favorable.

But now there is a new fear that among people, that as the troops begin to recede from the region, there would be a sudden rise in violence and terrorist activity. So the NATO troops would try to settle out matters before they leave the country.

President Barack Obama on the other had stated that, the US government would be halting its role in all major combat operation in Afghanistan by the year 2014, and will significantly reduce the number of troops present in the region. The handover of the security control to Afghanistan over the region would happen only after the NATO troops leave Afghanistan and 2014 is the year which has been placed as a target to everyone.


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