Asia Bizz: iOS 4.2.1 Updates To Pump Life Into Three Apple Devices

The most awaited iOS 4.2.1 will be released soon, but reports state that there will be three different updates for the three different devices by Apple. It was never thought that Apple would be working on three different versions of the iOS 4.2 for each device respectively. The iOS 4.2 would be launched with the AirPrint feature in addition to the earlier features from the iOS 4.

The normal features on the iOS 4.2 include – multitasking, folders, Game Center, unified email etc. Earlier this month it was noticed that the iOS 4.2 had reschedule its launch date, and it was known that there were some issues with the AirPrint feature in the operating system.

The company soon started to rectify this problem, and now it seems they are on the verge of completing it. The new iOS 4.2.1 will revamp the whole operating system and also the new features on the OS will help enhance the respective device functions and capability by a lot.