Asia Bizz: Amazon.UK To Bring Black Friday 2010 Discount Deals To The UK

Amazon.UK is planning to bring in the Black Friday 2010 discounts and deals to the UK also, as the customers from UK could not enjoy the deals when they shopped on the Amazon website. Customers are complaining that the moment a sale is announced on Amazon, it is sold out within seconds, and as a reason they cannot buy products from the website.

It freezes numerous times and thats why the customers are unable to complete their sale which they prefer. So now Amazon will be paying close attention on UK and would tend to provide them with good deals and discounts, and also that they are not barred from shopping online.

Black Friday is a day which comes immediately after Thanksgiving day, and retailers on this day provide heavy sale and discounts on various products around the US. But recently stores have moved online and they will try to reach more people in more places in only one day. This is a day for the retailers to have a huge earning possibility within a short period of time.

Source: Guardian


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