Asia Bizz: Apple iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak And Unlock Updates

The latest operating system by Apple, the iOS 4.2.1 will be releasing soon but before that there is some advice about the jailbreak and unlocking the operating system. There are controversies rising in context to the launch of this operating system, and if one is not a professional unlocker then it really good news for the jailbreakers.

Good news is flowing towards the specialists who are using the iPhone 3G or any of the older devices which were launched prior to 2010, for it would be having a better edge in cracking this OS. In addition to this they will also be getting news from the Dev team.

Dev explains that the due to the combination of the pwnage2exploit, the arm7_goexploit, 24kpwn, and limera1n, ones handset will jailbreak just it was done before. Now for those who have the latest device they may use GeoHot’s limera1n exploit, which will easily do the job for them.

Source: mygadgetreview


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