Asia Bizz: Opera Unveils Version 11 Of Its Browser

Opera has officially unveiled its version 11 browser to the technology world and this time they have introduced the tab stacking feature in it. This feature is currently unavailable with any browser in the world. So what is tab stacking, it is a feature by which one can use multiple tabs at one time and they are organized in a very neat order.

This is a feature that will be helping people who are consistently working on the web, and keep stacking up tabs, so this will be helping them to do their work in an appropriate way. One needs to just drag and drop web pages into the tab and opera will be stacking it for you.

Opera today is looking ahead to capture the browser market around the world, as it has already done in the mobile sector. But the major chunk of the market belongs to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox who have been dominating this particular sector since years now.


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