Asia Bizz: China to support Hitachi Ltd to expand Water Business

With Hitachi Ltd coming up with its water works projects in China, the company has tied up with a Chinese firm to support their projects with the amenities and knowledge of the local firm.

Hitachi along with Hitachi Plant Technologies Ltd have planned a partnership with Chengdu Xingrong Group Co. in order to make profits in China. The Xingrong Group is involved in the managing and investing in the supply of water as well as sewerage business in the Sichuan Province including other areas.

According to the Japanese electronics producers, their aim is to expand their water business to 200 billion yen by 2015, which is about 1.7 times the figures, during March 2009. On the whole, earnings of around 20 billion yen is what the company targets in China.

So far Hitachi is mainly selling devices like pumps, in the water business in China. However its business with Chengdu Xingrong is likely to begin by the end of 2011.