Asia Bizz: Stocks And Commodities In Asia Soar As Euro Traders Dim To A Two Month Low

There is good news for the investors and traders in Asia, as the nations in this content are having their stocks and commodities soar at impressive levels as the Euro traders dim to a disheartening two month low. The stocks did show some positive signs in almost three days of mayhem, and this also indicates that there is some hope in the US economic recovery.

MSCI Asia Pacific Index added 0.2% to the 130.65 as of 5 p.m. during the Tokyo trading on Thursday. Stoxx Europe 600 Index showed some positive growth to 0.3% stalling the drop that was consistent in the Asian continent which fell by almost 1.6%. On the other hand the US market closed impressively just a day before thanksgiving.

The Yen too stood strong against the Euro, it traded at 111.33 per euro from 111.40. Americans on the other hand have stated to spend strong during this festive season and there were less unemployment claims filed this month, indicating that the economic recovery process might have stepped on the right track after all. What will be interesting to see, is after the thanksgiving, whether US still sustain this substantial growth which is being reflected during this week.

Source: Bloomberg


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