Asia Bizz: Ford Opens New Dealerships In China In Move To Expand Overseas Sales

America’s largest automobile manufacturer, Ford has decided to open some new dealerships in China, this is a move by the company to expand its overseas sales especially in Asia. There would be some 100 new dealerships that would be opened in China alone, and all of them would be in the country’s prominent cities and towns.

The American automobile giant expects that there would be at least 70% growth from the Asia-Pacific region. It has recently inaugurated some 40 dealerships and a total of 66 would be opened by the end of 2010. The company aims to open a total of 100 dealership in the Chinese mainland.

According to the experts, the Chinese car market is the largest in the world and indeed it growing at a very fast pace, so America would be looking to bring its cars into China, in a move to boost the country’s sales on an overseas level. After China, India is the largest car market in Asia, and this country too is becoming an important business destination for many automobile manufacturers around the world.

Source: AFP


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