Asia Bizz: QANTAS A380 Jumbos To Resume Service On November 27

Qantas Airlines A380 jumbos are all set to return to skies after being grounded for weeks in a row. The Airlines spokesperson stated that they are having plans to put this plane back into service from the 27th of November, which means the planes would be fully functional. The fleet was grounded for nineteen days, because of the mid air engine explosion which took place on one of their six aircrafts.

The Flight was en-route from London to Sydney and had a stopover in Singapore, after which there was an engine failure during mid flight as a result the plane had to make an emergency landing back to Singapore. When the explosion took place, the debris from the engine damaged the fuselage and also disrupted the on flight systems.

This later became a very serious point of concern, when it was known that this incident took place because of an oil leak in the engine, and eventually all the six planes were grounded for an undetermined period. The first flight that will take place will be the QF31, which will be destined to fly to London via Singapore on Saturday. The rest of the aircrafts would be operational before Christmas.

Source: heraldsun


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