Asia Bizz: Mark Zuckerberg Looking Ahead To Trademark ‘Face’

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook is looking ahead to trademark the word ‘face’ in the world of web and technology. The social networking giant’s application has moved to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, but this wont be halting anyone from using the word ‘face’. The trademark would be liable only in the telecom sector, which includes chat rooms, social networks and electronic bulletins.

Today Facebook has more than 600 million members and users of its social network service, and it is indeed growing everyday. According to the trade mark specialist from Withers and Rogers law firm, he spoke about Zuckerberg’s move to lawfully bind the word ‘face’, he stated “its not as unexpected as it may sound”.

He added to the above statement “Facebook is right to lay legal claim to use of the word ‘face’ in the context of social networking sites and other specific computer-linked activities because they have built up a reputation in the name Facebook, of which arguably ‘face’ is the dominant element,”.

The word ‘Face’ is going to become a very prominent aspect on the web and also in the world’s day to day technology. In fact by trademarking his asset, he would be sounding a strong alarm to the world that, the word ‘Face’ has really great importance to him and his company.

Source: BBC