Asia Bizz: Massive Comcast Internet Outage In Boston And Other East Coast Cities Of The US

Customers of the Comcast Internet service in Boston and other cities on the East coast, had suffered a massive internet outage on Sunday, which left many people without internet services for a really long time. The company stated on its Twitter account, that they were facing outage problems, and the cities affected included Washington. A spokesperson of the company stated that their engineers are working to fix this problem, but the reason behind the outage has still not been disclosed.

One of the Twitter postings also state a DNS (Domain Name System) problem in their company. The DNS is a system that converts normal alphabetical addresses into numeric language which is very essential for internet connectivity. Without proper Internet DNS, there can be no communication through this mode.

Comcast has not disclosed any reasons behind the outage, only their Twitter account states that their engineers are working very hard to fix this problem. The outage unfortunately has come just a day before Cyber Monday, a day very important in the US in terms of electronic commerce and trade.

Source: PCWorld


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